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Do you think the Web is universal?

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.
This is not the case today, 97.8% of Web pages do not comply with the old WCAG 2.0 Web accessibility standard. We want to remedy this by starting to eradicate the myths that are most deeply rooted in Web accessibility:
  • «Web accessibility has no market.»
  • «Web accessibility is not design compatible, and accessible Web sites are not modern, they are simple and ugly.»
  • «Creating accessible websites is very expensive and there are not enough qualified professionals in web accessibility.»

What have we done already?

Following the WCAG 2.1 standard currently in force, we have created PUXL framework, an open source tool that allows you to develop modern and accessible Websites. Without leaving the design aside and for any type of Web project, saving time and money in the development process and without the need for deep knowledge in Web accessibility, also guaranteeing access to Web content for more than a billion people with functional diversity around the world.

PUXL framework is open-source and is available free to use on GitHub.

Most relevant features of PUXL framework:

  • Collects and automates the existing theoretical resources.
  • Intuitive and with a practically flat learning curve.
  • Visual, modular and scalable.
  • It is preventive: it detects, alerts and suggests solutions to code errors at development time.
  • It can be easily integrated with existing Web technologies.
  • Optimize the resulting code to the point that it reduces the cost of data.
  • Guarantees universal and equal access for all regardless of our functional capabilities.
  • Holistic UX, focused on the developer, the client and the end user, and their experience in interacting with the Web.
  • It guarantees at least the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility specification, even if the developer has no prior knowledge of Web accessibility.

PUXL framework demo

What are we doing?

We are developing PUXL Zone, a complete ecosystem of products, services and community, focused on transforming the Web into a truly accessible environment, universal and inclusive. Because the Web has to be universal and accessible to all people, it is a human right.

PUXL Zones

  • Learn Zone: a series of courses in webinar and PDF format to acquire at your own pace all the necessary skills for the development of accessible Webs using PUXL framework technology.
  • Community Zone: a professional network where you can interact with the most prominent specialists in accessibility and Web development.
  • Blog Zone: the space where you can consult the articles created by the community. You can also access the Accessibility First Show produced by the PUXL clan where we talk about Web accessibility and interview the best specialists in the world.
  • Store Zone: Market of accessible themes and web templates, created with PUXL technology for the most relevant development frameworks and CMS on the market (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla …), as well as dedicated websites. It will also be the place where you can buy merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs… the PUXL «swag».

The internet has to be for everyone. Let us make the Web accessible and universal

We have been working on the development of this project for almost a year, financing it with our own funds and with funds contributed by the Basque Government’s entrepreneurship help programs. Part of the work has already been done, but we need to continue making progress both in the development of the platform itself, and in the creation of its contents and its introduction to the market.

We want to finance the following actions:

  • Market introduction campaign, marketing, travel, conferences, workshops.
  • Design and creation of accessible Web development courses.
  • Content creation for the PUXL Zone community.
  • Test the premium version of PUXL framework to officially certify its accessibility.
  • Creation of themes.
  • Finish developing the PUXL Accessibility Zone platform. The platform launch is planned in 3 stages: first Learn zone and Blog zone, then Store zone and finally Community zone. It will be done in this way taking into account the level of difficulty of development of each area.
  • First prototype of PUXL Easy Coding. Once the concept, pre-analysis and analysis phases have been completed, the next steps will be the design, development and implementation of a first prototype of PUXL Easy Coding.

And what is PUXL Easy Coding?

An online service where you can build modern and accessible websites, graphically and intuitively. With a powerful code editor, git-based version control and an open and collaborative user community. All based on the PUXL framework technology.

Why € 30,000?

Really the capital need that we have to achieve our objectives is € 86,263, you can consult our campaign budget for more details, it includes the personnel hiring expenses that will help us accelerate the PUXL Accessibility Zone development process. The decision to lower our collection target to 30,000 euros, is because we know that even with the small team we have, we will be able to carry out our product, albeit at a much lower speed. We have decided to make the possibility of reaching 100% of our budget an extended objective, giving this objective as a reward, the extension to double the premium subscription periods offered as a reward. We have complete confidence in our product and we believe that this is a good way to convey that confidence to you.

How do you want to contribute?


Mention on our blog at the end of the campaign.
4 free webinars.
(First 500 units) – Premium framework Beta.
Premium framework Beta.
(First 500 units) – Premium framework Beta + 3 months PUXL Zone.
Premium framework Beta + 3 months PUXL Zone.


Weekly thank you tweet.
Premium framework Beta + 6 months PUXL Zone.
Premium framework Beta + 12 months PUXL Zone + 1 PUXL T-shirt (50 first).


Thank you tweet to each of the crowdfunders + Small mention space on the Web.
Premium framework Beta + 6 months PUXL Zone + Learn Zone Medium Certificate + 1 PUXL T-shirt (50 first).


Thank you tweet to each of the crowdfunders + Medium mention space on the Web.
Premium framework Beta + 6 months PUXL Zone + Premium Gold License (single) + 1 PUXL T-shirt (50 first).

Join the creation of the universal Web!

    …Or support us because you believe in the project.

    Support the project without reward, simply because it is interesting to you and you want to contribute to the creation of a more accessible, more universal Internet.

    The internet has to be for everyone. Let us make the Web accessible again.

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